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The Stag Crew

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's a worried stag

Honest, we all have official handicaps

Superman saves another ball from the rough

Superman rounds up the Hair Bear bunch

Marcus the Merkin

Honest Sooz, I kept my cock in my pants

Who tipped off the paparazzi

We all wish we were ginger

Beginning to enjoy these Gerald Cards

Wanker.com, Garth & Sonic

When you said we would see the Ring of Kerry, I didn't know Kerry was a horse

Any time you want to call my bluff

Oh, and there was a golf competition too

Time for some pay back

You're not going to leave me in this alley? are you?

This might be handy back at the office

Ok, you got me, now let me out for a drink

Feeding time at the zoo

I bet Clark Kent never felt like this

I believe I can fly

Second thoughts??

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