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Please, please, please can I have the pistacchio!

The colour goes so well with my troos

I'd recommend a little more of that before your debut

Of course it's just a friendly

You can put it off only so long, you're going to have to wear the pistacchio

What the hell at least there's no one on Mull to laugh at us

Pulled out all the stops to get the strongest Walker Team to date

I can't possibly lose it 2 years in a row

I'm sure the guys in the green shirts see the funny side too

The Walker Cup wives assess Ben's chances

What do you mean golf, I thought it was a drinking competition

I hope the same people are sponsoring the 19th

The 2004 Crew
(Tobermory Leg)

Rained off after 12 holes, bummer!

I tell you, if you look closely you can actually see Ben buying a round

Balamory camouflage

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