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Watch out Ben, he's looking at your cards

The Newcastle contingent warming up

Giez - Lac Annecy

Fashion victim Tom says collars up is all the rage

Yes the cigarette is surgically attached

Professor Calculus, El Bandito, Stuart Pearce, Desperate Dan and The Honey Monster

The Blues feeling foolishly smug

Pessimistic expectations

The posse as friends - before Matt played Tom

Opening drive (last time we ever saw that ball)

Can't understand why I slice

Can't understand why he slices

Totally clear why he slices

Post Match Analysis

Who's missing - Gav? At the bottom of the rainbow looking for the gold

This is where old golfers go when they die

Breathe in.....Ben was

Keith desperate to be Tom

By this stage, only the dog could understand Nogs

Grenoble - Bresson

Chalet Verger - crap location!

Nog raring to go on day 2

Rear view mirror takes on a whole new meaning

Another miserable location

Russell Grant and Desperate Dan

Didn't see this ball again either!

Great course, great clubhouse

The tee box was new until the Walker Cup players arrived

Fergus misses his second attempt

And leaves his 3rd five feet short

Well done Chic - great blag!

Day two and the chaps were missing their wives

Four all - cheating ba*&@+ds

Even the joke goatee didn't win Tom the green jersey

"So then I said to Fergus, is that your ball?"

He called it spillage.........

A kick back from each course - what me!?

Colin's autobiography cover shot

"And then he still played the wrong one!"

MVT winner - you can see why

Midnight Ashes with golf balls

Blues Captain confident of a third title

Must be asleep because he's not smoking

Divonne Les Bains

Our beautiful hostesses

The only prize Andreas got his hands on all weekend

Farewell La Verger lassies

The Devils par 3 - 15/16 missed the green

And another

Having all played from the rough they gathered in the middle for the photo

Desperate Dan wins a point

Another failed Full Gerald

MVT winner with flask and baw bag

The 2005 Crew

MVT finalists

Long tour - the Ivory Captain peaks!

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