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I have a chance of winning, you say?

Should I drop my pants before the whipping?

You, the ginger one, just fuck off!

Are you a Borg or a Sampras?

Thank God that's the last time it's my honour on day 1

Pete shows Tim how to make the belly momentum work for your swing

No matter how Tim scores it, it's annihilation

So here's how I got my half

Darkie in the dark

Why do we call him dwarf?

But he lost the vodka and red bull challenge

Sheep in a basket

Sheep in a box

Here's my first chance to strip

I'm too fit to be on this tour

Fuck fit, this shirt is minging

You don't like Harry?

They think England will win again!

Last time he held the cup - but not last time he wore the sticky toffee pudding

Time of the month


If I hit this well, they wont notice the shirt

Awful shirt, awful bald patch

A gentleman in victory

Regretting the victory

Ian points out it's Colin who had the 'bruising' golf bag

ok, who's going to make me look even better

Whey hey, here we go, kit off time again

And I so wanted to show you my belly

So here's my neanderthal look again

But we all wanted to show off our physiques

Who's still got a clean shirt?

First golf prize ever won

First and last golf prize ever won

Moses parts the Green sea (then fills it back in again!)

He mistook the wine glass and hip flask for putter and ball

Now I know Ben's cut off point

Matt falls short on the longest putt competition

Gav goes for the wrong hole

Tim in his tour sandals

Same blind Malaysian tailor

No I am not giving birth, I'm just fat

He had a hard on and wet himself at the same time

Out of focus or were we all just a bit hazy?

Just good friends

Too good friends

Then I'll buy another Porsche...

Is that all he can afford...


Well done, go home, see you next year

The deal came through and Tim bought some new shoes

Little and large's final separation

A familiar ending


Tasting Victory

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